1 STOP CLOSER is an original action-adventure series that takes you deep into the life of internationally-acclaimed photographer, Shawn Talbot, as he circles the globe to find the last, greatest unexplored places on Earth. 


Throughout this series, Shawn invites you to experience the world through his eyes.  Join him as he photographs volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, travels by dogsled across the frozen Arctic Ocean and hacks through the jungles of Madagascar.  Get up close and personal as he crawls through endless miles of sand dunes in scorching desert heat or hijacks a bamboo raft in a remote jungle in China.


Fuelled by a personal passion for the beauty of the world coupled with breathtaking cinematography and a unique approach to photography, Shawn takes you on an incredibly challenging and epic adventure to the most extreme reaches of the planet. He spends weeks on location, enduring diverse climates and taking death-defying risks to capture that “perfect shot.”