Episode 1: "The American Southwest"

Join Shawn as he travels throughout the deserts of Arizona, Utah and Nevada. In this episode, he will travel by kayak to access Lower Antelope Canyon, hike to the infamous "Wave" and perch his camera at the top of a 1000 foot cliff to capture a spectacular sunset over Horseshoe Bend.

​Episode 2: "Death Valley"

The crew heads west through Nevada into California and encounters flash floods, trouble with the Nevada State Police, sand dunes of the Mojave Desert and the salt flats of Death Valley.

​Episode 3: "Million Dollar Superboats"

In this episode, Shawn goes on assignment in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia to shoot for Vector Powerboats - the creator of one of the fastest and most impressive speedboats ever built.

​Episode 4: "Milk"

As an advertising photographer, sometimes Shawn likes to take a break from the day-to-day and get creative with a fine art shoot. In this episode Shawn photographs a nude model being splashed with buckets of milk. It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it.

Episode 5: "Volcanoes of Hawaii"

Shawn gets a call in the middle of the night to let him know that lava has begun spilling into the Pacific Ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii. The next day he sets off on an adventure to capture a fiery fury of flowing lava.

​Episode 6: "Okanagan Powerboats"

The Okanagan Valley in the interior of British Columbia has been dubbed "Canada's Playground." The stunning Okanagan Lake, at over 130km in length, is home to some of the best boating on the planet. In this episode we join Shawn on his exciting commercial assignment for Campion Boats where he will utilize a number of tricks in his toolbox to capture dramatic shots of high performance power boats in action.

​Episode 7: "The Mansion"

Shawn gets an assignment to shoot a spectacular multi million dollar mansion and reveals many of his techniques for capturing dynamic architectural photographs.

​Episode 8: "Ninjas"

Models acting like ninjas wearing nothing but electrical tape.

​Episode 9: "Iceland"

Shawn and the crew explore one of the most geographically diverse countries on the planet. This episode will take viewers to some of the most stunning and unique locales in Iceland.